Getting Started

Steps to get started with DynamicDonations

Step 1

Download the plugin for free by purchasing the free version in our store.

Download the plugin hitting the “download plugin” button

Step 2

Login to DynamicDonations, Go to the download section in your account and click on the “Download Plugin” button, the plugin will be downloaded in zip format to your computer.

The zip file will download, check your downloads folder in your computer

Step 3

Install the plugin on your WordPress website
Enter your WordPress, go to the Plugins menu, inside the plugins window select the “Add New” option, then select “Upload Plugin” and look for the file to upload the plugin zip that we previously downloaded, once the zip is loaded, select “Install Now”.

Search the file in the explorer files windown and add to your website hitting Install now button.
Once you install the plugin, you need to activate hitting the “activate plugin” button.

Congratulations you can now start using DynamicsDonations on your site.

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